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Music Education


Private Lessons:

Guitar / Piano

Voice / Drums

Ableton Live

I believe that Creativity, Confidence, and Communication are defining traits of successful people.

I use my love of music to create a space where a student's confidence and creativity are nurtured.

While we explore aspects of music, we discuss planning, prioritization, and presentation.

We practice critical thinking and learn new methods of clear and concise communication to sharpen our focus.

I believe that allowing students to speak about their likes and dislikes freely will increase their confidence. 

Joseph is so much more than a music teacher!

My kids have been studying with him for several years, and throughout this time they have developed a strong rapport. His positive outlook and humor forge a strong connection with his students.

Joseph always treats his students with respect, no matter their age or skill level. His teaching style is collaborative, taking on the role of a mentor as well as a teacher, shaping their character along with their music skills. 

He supports children in their natural abilities and strengths, sees their potential, harnesses their enthusiasm and inspiration and directs it towards measurable goals.

Joseph’s multi-disciplinary approach allows the student to explore so many aspects of music, performance, and composition. 

— Bernadette Emerson




Music for Film and Dance

Sound Design

Joseph was recommended by a fellow musician to compose  the music for an episode of my web series Talent Freaks.

He added so much to the video. He understood the artist and composed music that matched their art work and my film edits.

Joseph interpreted the vibe from the artist's perspective and created an atmosphere that added another layer to the  storytelling. 

It was a collaboration that exceeded my expectations.

He helped me understand the process of working with a composer. He listened to and respected my desires for this project.

I trusted his skills and professionalism and he did not disappoint. I highly recommend hiring Joseph for any kind of music work.

He was a professional and his range is vast and dynamic.      

-Andy B Coons


Ambient Performance




Music Affirmations

Daily Journal and Reflection